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Before you buy a JetstreamBox

In this video you’re going to learn about what things to be aware of before purchasing a jetstream box. If you’re not very techy this video will really open your eyes. #jetstreambox #jetstream

publish January 24, 2015 291
Elite Drop Shippers Tips on Buying Low Selling High

As much as this would appear to be common sense, I hope these tips would help those buyers new to buying items. Keep in mind that not all prices are what they appear to be. Always check the prices that are rung up check out with what are on the shelf.

publish November 28, 2014 266
Adding Multiple Images inside of Turbo Lister eBay’s Limit

Adding Multiple Images inside of Turbo Lister eBay’s Limit. So I spoke with eBay and this is what they suggested: watch this video as a lot of these concerns and questions that I have been receiving on our awesome software here with #elitedropshippers

publish November 5, 2014 276
Live From My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 5 Austin, Texas 2014

Live From My Lead System Pro Live The Dream 5 Austin, Texas 2014 #cesarramirez #internetmarketing #Austin #Texas #rayhigdon #robfore #ltd5 #ltdV #livethedream

publish September 28, 2014 358
Quarter 4 Elite Drop hippersS

#elitedropshippers #ebay #workathome parents #exciting here to serve the next generation of students go to

publish September 14, 2014 327
TGIF Legoland Day

Celebrating a week of working and playing hard with our online business with the #elitedropshippers. You deserve to fire your boss and enjoy life on your terms. #jobfree #sixfigure #lifestyle #tothetop

publish September 12, 2014 244
Field Trip Day HomeSchooling

Field trip day #homeschooling #FBA #Amazon #eBay #elitedropshippers #edge #fun #Thursday

publish September 4, 2014 355
My Neighbor Dorothy

My neighbor Dorothy is the sweetest gal. 93 years young and a heart full of gold and love. #bestfriendtag #Neighbor #Beauty #Kangen #kangenwater #health #life

publish April 25, 2014 327
A message of gratitude with Luke

Today’s message is a message of gratitude and I wanted to thank everyone out there who believes in #elitedropshippers

publish March 13, 2014 317
How to block Facebook Ads

Sometimes when you are surfing a website, banners pop up on the right or left with not so nice images. This tip will block that junk. #Banner #adblock #tech #tip

publish March 4, 2014 340
2 Enagic Machines Got Me 2 Checks

#Kangen #water is super amazing! A 4 year old project still blesses me today. #alkaline water saved my sons life. I saw it before my own eyes. Private message me for more information.

publish February 20, 2014 275
Planting Fruit Trees in the backyard

#Citrus #trees #organic #planting and hanging out with my boy Luke

publish February 20, 2014 357

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