We live in a world of instant connection. A world where sharing experience has never before been easier. We live in a world where we meet, interact, and form relationships with people through global networks of personality. This is the world that we work with and it’s the world that we engage in.

Sharing video is now one of the world’s most popular ways of sharing the experiences of our lives in a multitude of different ways. We don’t just record video to entertain, we do it as an exchange. We do it to communicate, to educate, to form relationships and to have fun. The devices we now have allow us to capture a nearly limitless number of moments to share and enjoy to our heart’s content. Everything we film can be uploaded and shown across the planet, to anyone and everyone we so desire to see it. This is the new age of digital video, of sharing, and of online exchange.

With VideoFy, we have a platform for sharing those experiences easily and effectively. Using the online space that we provide allows anyone to access the moments that people are sharing and gives them a space to share their moments as well. Our videos are a showcase of moments that are fun, crazy, informative, pretty, entertaining, interesting, funny, or whatever else it’s possible to be. Everyone is a director and an actor. The script is open to whatever life makes possible, and we are the method of communication that brings it to the world wide web. It’s a process that is ever evolving, constantly updated, and always loaded with fresh new content controlled by its creators. Those creators are you.

Our platform originally began as an app. Founded in Sweden and spreading across the whole of northern Europe. We’ve been allowing people to edit and share videos directly from their phones easily and freely. Since then thousands of videos have been edited and uploaded and the process had been perpetually increasing.
We’ve recently had the chance to re-launch our platform online, with the new www.videofy.me. The website is currently running with every piece of original uploaded video intact.

Thousands of videos already exist here with everything from the humorous, to the serious, to the insane. You can easily scroll through our list of uploaded content, or narrow the list down to the specific category of your choice. Our mobile app is also being redeveloped and will be available for Android and IOS when the time comes.
The VideoFy experience is soon to be completely up and running as brilliantly as it ever was. Our video uploading and member services are currently being worked on and very soon we will have the chance for you to share your experiences as effectively as you’ve ever had before. All the content we now have exists for anyone to see and very soon that content will be joined by the countless amount of videos you yourself could create. Stay tuned for the chance to log in and engage with friends and family, to share your creations, and enjoy the enormous amount of content we have readily available at your fingertips.

Remember that this is a world of open communications and a dazzling array of digital tools. Our devices are what connects us across continents and time, that allow us to display our lives across space, and to observe the lives of others at our leisure. It is this world that our platform was made to be a part of, to engage in, and to help grow. As we continue living we will accumulate more and more experiences to share, more and more thoughts, memories, and fun times with our friends. We’ll always be able to record those moments if we wish to and we’ll always have the opportunity to share those moments if we decide. That is why we exist and that is what we will help you to do. Anyone can share your experiences with you, whether you are learning to dance, taking new challenges, sharing your thoughts, or just hanging out. Whatever you see in the world, whether it’s something rare and exciting, fun and interesting, or beautiful and expressive, those things can all be brought to the screen for you and your friends to enjoy. If you can capture it then we can help you share it.

Keep an eye on us to make sure you’re here when our re-launch is complete. We’ll have the platform fully updated very soon and our mobile app will also be returning as soon as we’ve brought it up to scratch. Until then, enjoy the thousands upon thousands of hours of content anytime and anywhere available right now. We’re very excited about what you’ll soon be sharing and discovering with us. Sharing your experience is the experience.