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Yoga Festival Marbella


September 21, 2016


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Therapeutic Flying


July 11, 2015


#Acroyoga is a blend of thai massage, acrobatics, and yoga. We do lots of healing thai massage to recover. This one is High Flying Whale and it feels really good on the upper back! Try it out and let us know how it goes! Insta: MaxandLizAcro for more 🙂

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An old Fall Flow


July 8, 2015


An #acroyoga flow we came up with about a year ago! It’s amazing to see how we have grown and gotten better when looking back 🙂 Enjoy the journey and live every moment in the present! Instagram: @MaxandLizAcro. Connect with us on FB: Max and Liz Acro

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Acroyoga Flow


July 6, 2015


An #acroyoga flow Liz and I came up with 🙂 what do yall think? Do you like it sped up? Check us out on Instagram for more videos like this (@MaxandLizAcro) or connect with us on FB (Max and Liz Acro) for our teaching schedule. Namaste and stay awesome!

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