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Update on my mind

Sometimes I need to get back to basics! Don’t forget to watch all episodes of AFIL TV on

publish June 30, 2013 402
GamersNight at Pelle’s

After the #German #Tour and #TV show in Denmark I’m currently doing, I need some chill time w my #homeboy. And this is how we roll! #AFIL #TimSchou #Xbox

publish June 18, 2013 474
Germany Tour update

Also check out and

publish June 15, 2013 277
My German tour drummer

Also cehck out AFIL TV on

publish June 2, 2013 322
What cover should I do?

Trying to figure out what cover songs I should bring with me on the German tour?

publish May 27, 2013 675
My friend Pelle/Genie

On my way to Pelle to chill, and then I’m meeting up w HAIR cast.

publish May 25, 2013 193
Getting the vibe back

Rehearsing and trying to get my vibe back for thecoming German tour. I know the sound is crap but u’ll catch the vibe 😉

publish May 24, 2013 202
Night jamming

I’m sick and when I’m sick I got this idea that if I play it will go away. So let’s see 😉

publish May 22, 2013 155
My favorite toy!

I’m getting ready for the German tour! And the music u hear is a song I wrote a year ago or something like that, never gonna be released though but thought it made a nice background 😉

publish May 21, 2013 204

Showing u guys the special place where I’m recording the B-side of the new AFIL album in July. Enjoy the tour;)

publish May 19, 2013 197
Pyramid weekend teaser

I’m at my parents place gaining some strenght after my HAIR adventure and I thought I’d take the time to show u some of the surroundings those of u, who got a spot at the PYRAMID WEEKEND in July for the recording of the B-side of the new album, wil

publish May 18, 2013 294
Hangover vid from Burger Bar

Partied last night w the HAIR cast and today I find myself at a burger bar in front of a piano and then my nametwin pops up all the sudden.

publish May 17, 2013 170

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