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How Fast = How Long for LOA

Hiw fast does the law of attraction take to kick in? It depends on how long you can hold your intention #Lawofattraction

publish June 12, 2014 173
Has Everyone Given Up??

Have people given up on their dreams. Unfortunately, we have to get used to the idea of creating our own economy. Sample Page Who Else Wants To Save Thousands of Tax Dollars?

publish May 18, 2014 200
The math behind your business

Every business can be reduced to a mathematical formula. This makes it easier to set goals, realistic ones! #goals #business

publish May 17, 2014 215
Tough Times

How to you react (or act) when times get tough. Are you a #leader or do you retreat? You must go through to have a break through!

publish May 15, 2014 167
The Biggest Mistake in Pinterest

Use #Pinterest? Do not make this mistake! Get your #free report on “The Biggest Pinterest Mistake” at

publish May 15, 2014 167
Can you say what you do?

Most people struggle to create any interest or action when telling other people what they do. What does your #elevator pitch sound like? is it making you any money. If you want a taped workshop, visit the site. Http:// (events)

publish May 10, 2014 216
Tax return amendments

I used this platform for a video to add to my website on #tax return amendments. If you are curious, go to

publish May 9, 2014 186
That one Thing

What is the one thing you do well? Can you focus on it and deliver it to your clients?

publish May 2, 2014 164
Gloria jeans coffee

#Gloria Jeans #coffee

publish May 2, 2014 160
How to narrow your niche

Sharing from a recent seminar. Narrow down you #niche market, create tons of products and become an authority

publish April 29, 2014 164
Is your mind ready to be rich?

Do you really think your mind will allow you to change. Reprogram your mind for riches and your bank account will follow. Become an #affiliate at

publish April 28, 2014 170
Hold That Thought

Can you hold a single , positive thought for 17 seconds? Get what you want! #Lawofattraction Who Else Wants To Save Thousands of Tax Dollars?

publish April 26, 2014 178

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