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Video No.4 : Say Please and Thank You !

Living an abundant life begins with what’s in your heart ! Being grateful is key to all successes you desire in your life! Connect with me : #inspiration #gratitude #30vids7days #empower

publish April 30, 2014 186
Video No.3 Just Say NO …. To Quitting That Is !

Let’s Face It …. It’s easier to say you can’t and quit, although it’s far more rewarding to say you stuck it through and you made it happen ! Wouldn’t you say ? #inspiration #entreprenuer

publish April 29, 2014 116
Video No. 2 No Regrets : Live in a State of Contentment !

Live in the present … Forget the mistakes of yesteryear …. Allow all the wonderful things that await you to come to you without the hanging of regret lingering upon you !

publish April 29, 2014 115
Video No. 1 : Ignore Outside Noise : Make Your own Noise !

Day One of 30 videos in 7 days ! Inspiration and Motivation From Yours Truly ! Message : Do you ! Ignore what others are doing and focus on what you are doing !

publish April 29, 2014 126
Happy Magical Monday : It’s a New Day !

Just getting back into the swing of things and ready to rock n roll. Create your life … Go forth with your bad self ! #inspiration #magicmonday #wahm #messageoflove

publish April 28, 2014 116
Petition For Princess Fizz ” I Have a DREAM SHOW ”

I, Elizabeth am petitioning for the Two Dave’s to Appear on her show ! Hey after all we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams ! Up up and Away Princess Fizz ! Big hugs ??

publish March 10, 2014 119
How to Make The Most of Your Day

6 easy things you can do in your day to make it more productive ! #planner #ipa #blogger

publish February 25, 2014 177
Visions For 2014 : Empowering Myself and You !

My Vision for rocking this 2014 , living my life out loud , inspiring my fellow creatives and changing the world

publish February 17, 2014 117
7 Day Challenge : FOCUS and Inspiration !

Revamping my Focus and making 2014 my YEAR of Badassness !

publish January 17, 2014 114
Back in Business : BEAST Mode !

Life may get in your way but never allow it to deter you from your dreams , your purpose ! You Got this ! #entreprenuer #artist #wahm #onlinebusiness

publish January 15, 2014 229
The Secrets ” I Promise Myself ” Affirmation !

Sharing with you all the Secrets ” I promise myself ” scroll ! Powerful and inspiring words to remind yourself that you have the power to change anything in your life !

publish December 18, 2013 119
Hit 37 Yay ! To New Beginnings !

Just a quick Thank You and a lil update on TCBS !

publish December 17, 2013 109

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