The team

We're a bunch of nerds with special powers who work passionately to give you the must fun and easy video app on the planet. You’ll probably never love video as much as us?


Anna Sara Nilson

  • Community Manager
  • @annaskada
  • once drove to Steven Tylers house outside of Boston and tried to get in, they called the police

Henrik Lineholm

  • Senior iOS Developer
  • @henrik.lineholm
  • when he was 10 or ­11 he managed to smash an axe into his head

Oskar Levinson

  • Product Manager
  • @levinson
  • owns 26 pairs of sneakers

Robert Mellberg

  • CEO
  • @robert
  • loves flowers, tropics and the forest, dreams of trekking through the amazon

Sytze Loor

  • CTO
  • @sytze
  • moved from Holland to Sweden because of the nice landscape, not because of the looks of Swedish girls